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At Steel Goat Marketplace, our vendors are the heartbeat of creativity, turning our space into a haven of unique finds. From crochet wizards to woodworking maestros, each vendor brings a special touch to their craft. Their dedication and passion make every visit an adventure, filled with delightful discoveries. Thank you to our phenomenal vendors for making us extraordinary!

Vendor Spotlight

A heartfelt thank you for choosing Steel Goat Marketplace as the canvas for your exquisite creations. Your presence transforms our space into a vibrant tapestry of crafts, stories, and cherished treasures. Without your passion and dedication, our walls would echo emptiness.

Your commitment to our marketplace isn’t just about products; it’s about weaving a community tapestry that celebrates individuality and creativity. With every handmade piece, each carefully crafted item, you contribute to the heartbeat of Penn Hills.

On behalf of this incredible community, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your decision to share your talents and offerings with us enriches our town, creating a haven where personal connections matter more than corporate giants. Thank you for being the soul of Steel Goat Marketplace and for helping Penn Hills thrive with local charm and heartfelt authenticity.

Vendor Spotlight: Meet Dapper Fox!

Vendor Spotlight: Meet Dapper Fox!

Deb Fox of Dapper Fox finds inspiration in crafting wreaths that flow like nature, drawing from the season’s blooms, while her favorite creations stem from customer requests, like a Halloween Cemetery Vase that brought a surprise visit from Freddy Krueger, reflecting her passion for giving new life to discarded items and fostering meaningful connections with customers through her craft.

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The Quirky Photographer

The Quirky Photographer

When I stepped foot into the Steel Goat Marketplace a year and a half ago, I had no intention on signing up to be a vendor right away.  I was going to take a look, have a chat with Darcy, and evaluate my options over time.  Before I stepped back out, I had my space...

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