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Unveil the splendor of Penn Hills through your lens and be a part of our celebration of the town’s vibrant essence—join us in showcasing its captivating beauty, one photograph at a time.

Community Photos

In the kaleidoscope of perspectives that shape our perceptions, beauty emerges as a subjective and deeply personal experience. Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, the proud home of Steel Goat Marketplace, is no exception. It’s a place where the beauty of our community isn’t confined to a single definition but is a collective masterpiece painted by the daily lives, experiences, and unique perspectives of those who call it home.

As we navigate the streets of Penn Hills, every corner unveils its own story—a story we believe is best told by the people who reside here. Steel Goat Marketplace is on a mission to capture the beauty of Penn Hills through the lens of our community members. What resonates with you? Is it the welcoming smiles exchanged on familiar streets, the breathtaking scenery of our parks, or the vibrant diversity of local businesses that line our town?

In this celebration of subjective beauty, we invite you to share your personal connection with Penn Hills. Whether it’s our marketplace that feels like a second home, the community events that spark joy, or the architectural charm that catches your eye, we want to showcase the myriad of reasons that make Penn Hills a beautiful and unique tapestry.

By capturing the essence of Penn Hills through the eyes of those who live and breathe its spirit, we aim to weave a narrative that goes beyond the physical landscape. It’s about the shared moments, the connections, and the collective pride that make our community truly remarkable.

So, what is beautiful to you about Penn Hills? Your story, your perspective, and your connection are the brushstrokes that compose the portrait of our town. Join us in celebrating the multifaceted beauty of Penn Hills—one shared experience at a time.

Wild Life

Photographer: Brian Pertinaci

Sun Sets

Photographer: Brian Pertinaci



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