About Us

So just how did Steel Goat Marketplace come to be, and where did we get our crazy name?   Some people guess that our name came from the fact that we are a part of “The Steel City.” Even looking at our brightly colored black and gold logo one might think that our name is definitely a “Burgh thing.”  However, despite our love for The Steel City, The Steel Curtain, and our Pittsburgh Steelers, our name was not derived from any of those things. Of course being a “burgh thing” is an added bonus, but our name actually originated from steel goats!

If you’ve driven along Rodi Road and looked up at the hillside in front of our building, there are three goats made entirely of steel grazing in our lawn. Sometimes they adorn festive bows to celebrate a holiday or wear funky hats and colorful ties.  Those goats were never intended to gain the popularity that they did, but immediately it seemed EVERYONE everywhere wanted a goat that could graze in their own yard.  Funny thing is, we never intended on selling them. Our staff purchased them as a joke because Jayme, the owner, kept talking about her desire to have a live goat on the property. Nevertheless, the goats were a hit, and people would smile and laugh when they talked about them perched on our hillside.

The goats are fun, and we have found ways to keep the laughter going by making the goats do ridiculous things like stringing lights on a Christmas tree or wearing glasses and sitting on a chair behind a desk. Our goats are talented and can do anything, but mostly they make people happy. So, when the time came to name our market, we couldn’t think of anything more fun than Steel Goat Marketplace. Not to mention the fact that G.O.A.T. stands for “greatest of all time”, and I’m sure you will agree after visiting us that our vendors are DEFINETLY the greatest.

In fact, the idea for the marketplace was indirectly inspired by vendors. Before opening “The Goat” we spoke with many talented artisans and unique business owners that were dreaming of having a brick-and-mortar location. Unfortunately, they explained that with rent costs and overhead, it would be nearly impossible to afford. That’s when the wheels in our heads began to spin. With 12,000 square feet of space inside our building we decided to become the brick-and-mortar location so many small business owners dreamed they would find. Our goal then, and to this day, remains to support the little guys and grow the community; What better way to do it than to invite our neighbors to open their own stores within our walls.

And the rest is history. What we believed would be a small portion of our business, which at the time was Penn Hills Lawn and Garden, has grown to replace it.  PHLG was well known in the community for over 35 years, and the joke is that just as goats eat everything in sight, the goat gobbled up the garden center.  If you look at our Steel Goat logo you will see the last branch and two leaves coming out of his mouth. Not to worry though, gardening has a BIG place at “The Goat; it is our roots (no pun intended). We will always offer annual flowers, perennials, houseplants, air plants, vegetables and herbs. We will still have a horticulturist on site to assist with gardening questions, and we will continue offering high quality gardening products and soils, just on a smaller scale.

This new direction provides so much for the community that we love.  Who would have thought that a simple idea to provide space for talented artisans and creative crafters would become an all-new vision for a community hub and a destination for all things local?

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Steel Goat Marketplace is proud to be the home of over 100 local artisans, crafters, boutiques, antique dealers, and specialty vendors.  Not only does our community marketplace provide a more intimate and specialized shopping experience, but it also provides local small business an opportunity to share their passion.  For our artisans and crafters there is no greater joy than watching someone fall in love with one of their creations.  By shopping local you give back to your own neighbors and friends, and keep the community growing strong.  


You never know what you’ll find when visiting “The Goat.”  Our vendors are always bringing in new and interesting pieces that will make each visit different than your last.  Be surprised; treat yourself.  Bring a friend or two and indulge in a unique and fun shopping experience together. Find treasures for your home, your garden, your wardrobe, your jewelry box, and so much more. Whatever the occasion, we are your “Goat-to gift shop.” 


200 Jefferson Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235



Tue-Sat: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Sun: 11:00AM-4:00PM
Mon: Closed