Dear Esteemed Vendors,

At Steel Goat Marketplace, we pride ourselves on fostering a vibrant community of diverse talents and unique offerings. We’re excited to share an incredible opportunity that could propel your business to new heights: showcasing your products, services, workshops, and team-building exercises for events at the Goat House, our cherished small event center.

Why Your Involvement Matters
Your expertise and creativity are invaluable assets that could elevate events held at the Goat House to unforgettable experiences. By featuring your offerings on our website, you gain exposure to potential customers seeking to rent the Goat House for small parties, business meetings, and more. This isn’t just an opportunity to be listed; it’s a chance to be spotlighted and recognized for your exceptional offerings.

Steel Goat Marketplace Supports Your Success
We’re committed to seeing our vendors flourish, and this platform is one of the tools we offer to help you thrive. Your success is our success, and by being part of the Goat House section on our website, you’re taking a step toward greater visibility, recognition, and growth.

How You Can Participate
Send us details about your offerings—products, services, workshops, or team-building exercises that could enhance events at the Goat House. Let us know what makes your offerings special, how they align with event themes, and any other pertinent information. By sharing these details, you open the door to being featured prominently on our website, reaching a wider audience, and making a significant impact.

Seize the Opportunity
Take advantage of this platform to showcase your unique offerings and be part of creating extraordinary experiences for events held at the Goat House. Reach out to us with your information or any queries you may have. Let us collaborate to make your business shine.

Hoping to hear from you soon!
– Steel Goat Marketplace Team

email with the amenities you can offer and would like featured on website!

While you are deciding which products or services could be featured under our Vendor Amenities Section here ae some things to consider (reminder: depending on what you have to offer some of these may not pertain to you):


  1. Overview of Offerings:
    • Can you provide an overview of the services, products, workshops, or team-building exercises that you offer?
    • How do these offerings align with events hosted at the Goat House?
  2. Tailoring Services:
    • Are your offerings customizable to suit different event themes or client preferences?
    • Can you accommodate various group sizes or specific event requirements?
  3. Experience and Expertise:
    • What experience do you have in providing services for events similar to those held at the Goat House?
    • Can you share examples or success stories from past events?
  4. Logistics and Requirements:
    • What are the logistical requirements for your services or products? (e.g., space, equipment, setup time)
    • Are there any specific prerequisites or limitations for utilizing your offerings at the Goat House?
  5. Collaboration and Pricing:
    • How do you usually collaborate with clients? Do you prefer direct contact or working through Steel Goat Marketplace?
    • What is your pricing structure for different services, workshops, or products? Are there package options available?
  6. Unique Selling Proposition:
    • What makes your offerings unique or stand out from others available in the market?
    • How do you ensure a memorable and distinctive experience for event attendees at the Goat House?
  7. Booking and Availability:
    • How far in advance do clients typically need to book your services?
    • What is your availability for events at the Goat House?
  8. Support and Safety Measures:
    • How do you ensure the safety and satisfaction of participants during workshops or team-building exercises?
    • Do you provide any additional support or guidance for event organizers using your services at the Goat House?
  9. Additional Offerings:
    • Apart from your main services, do you offer any supplementary or complementary services that could enhance events at the Goat House?