Penn Hills, Pennsylvania—our home—is a tapestry of beauty woven through its landscapes, architecture, and the vibrant spirit of its people. At Steel Goat Marketplace, we’re deeply invested in celebrating the essence of our community, and what better way to do so than by showcasing it through your eyes?

Penn Hills: A Hidden Gem of Beauty

Nestled within this remarkable town lie hidden treasures waiting to be unveiled. From the picturesque parks to the bustling streets, the serene trails to the cozy nooks, Penn Hills is an artist’s canvas bursting with colors, waiting to be captured and shared.

Celebrating Penn Hills Through Photography

We believe that every corner of Penn Hills has a story, and we want to invite photographers of all levels to become storytellers through their lens. Whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or a seasoned professional, your perspective matters.

Your Lens, Your Perspective

Show us the Penn Hills you see. That captivating sunrise over a familiar street, the laughter echoing through a local park, the architectural wonder that catches your eye—every click of your camera preserves a moment, a memory, and a piece of our community’s beauty.

Join Us in Showcasing Penn Hills

We’re excited to feature your photography on our website, showcasing the stunning landscapes, hidden gems, and unique moments that define Penn Hills. Share your images with us, along with a brief caption describing where in Penn Hills the photo was taken.

How to Submit Your Photographs

  • Send your high-resolution photograph to [] with the subject line: “Penn Hills Photography Submission.”
  • Include your name, contact information, and a brief description of the photo (location and any special story behind it) in the email.
  • By submitting your photograph, you give us permission to feature it on our website (with proper credit given to the photographer).

Let’s Paint Penn Hills Together

Penn Hills, PA is not just a place; it’s a community bursting with life, stories, and beauty. Join us in celebrating this beauty through the lens of your camera. Together, let’s showcase the vibrant essence of Penn Hills that makes it such a remarkable place to call home.

Capture the beauty. Share the story. Show us Penn Hills through your lens.