Dear Valued Vendors,

As we gear up for the exciting launch of our Outdoor Flea Market at Steel Goat Marketplace, we understand that some of you may have concerns about potential competition. We want to take this opportunity to reassure you that our flea market is designed with one primary goal in mind: to bring more customers into our building.

Our commitment to our vendors has always been, and will continue to be, our top priority. Every decision we make, including the introduction of our flea market, is aimed at improving foot traffic within our marketplace, ultimately maximizing your sales opportunities.

While the flea market may attract outdoor shoppers, it also serves as a gateway to our indoor marketplace. We firmly believe that the unique offerings and diverse range of products available from our vendors set us apart and make Steel Goat Marketplace a destination worth visiting time and time again.

As we embark on this new venture, we want to extend our gratitude to each and every one of you for your continued support and partnership. We value your contributions to our marketplace community and remain committed to supporting your success.

Rest assured that we are here to listen to your feedback, address any concerns you may have, and work together to ensure that Steel Goat Marketplace remains a thriving hub for both vendors and customers alike.

Thank you for being a vital part of our marketplace family. We look forward to the continued growth and success of our community.

Warm regards,

Steel Goat Marketplace Management Team