Nestled within the ethereal embrace of the Steel Goat Marketplace, the Goat House beckons you to step into a world where magic and self-discovery intertwine. Imagine hosting a party or event that unfolds amidst an enchanting atmosphere, where time seems to stand still and possibilities abound. With the mystical presence of our revered metaphysical instructor and the offering of transformative self-discovery workshops, your evening becomes a captivating journey of exploration and connection.

Delve into the mysteries of the universe as you and your guests explore the realms of cosmic energy, intuitive wisdom, and celestial guidance. At the Goat House, each moment is infused with an otherworldly essence, offering a unique and transcendent experience like no other. Unleash your imagination and let your spirit soar as you participate in workshops that blend metaphysical insights with opportunities for personal growth and introspection.

Welcome to the realm of the Goat House, where the ethereal becomes a tangible reality, and where every event is an opportunity for balance, enlightenment, and the creation of cherished memories in this mystical haven. 

Goat House

Jeanettes Vitality Art

Jeanette Eleff

Jeanette Eleff


Jeanette is an RN, artist, writer, and certified life coach with additional certifications in stress management, mindfulness, and art therapy. She has been playing around with different art modalities since her youth.
Recently, she has become more serious with her art; creating more pieces to share with others. She has taken a few lessons but is basically a self-taught multimedia artist. She loves creating abstracts and whimsical paintings and is available for customized pieces and classes.
Jeanette also combines her art with her coaching practice and provides meditative art sessions. She is passionate about showing others that the road to a fulfilling life is paved with creativity.
Jeanette lives in Pittsburgh and loves cycling, hiking,
golfing, gardening, and generally anything that gets
her out in nature.


Meditative Art Classes

A 60 minute session, where participants learn different relaxing drawing and coloring techniques. Each person will create a personalized art piece, as Jeanette leads them through a meditative artful exercise. No art experience is necessary.


Team Building exercises

Jeanette can lead your team through a/some creative, fun and interactive team building exercises, such as “Designing a Team Mural”, “The Story of Your Name”, or “Yes and..”. Exercises can be created around the needs of your team after a discussion with Jeanette.


Vision Boards

Vision Boards are a great way to manifest what you want in your life or your business. This can be created by each person, or several people can create a “group vision board”, representing the qualities they want in their team or business.


Speak about creativity, mindfulness, stress management,

Jeanette can give a talk about the importance of creativity in our lives and how it leads to a more mindful and less-stressed life. This is an interactive session which could include meditations, drawing, and play.


Lead a group-specific meditation.

If you want to begin a team meeting with a creative meditation to help center, relax, and focus your participants, then Jeanette can create one for you. She can lead the group into a debrief after the meditation to help each member identify what was revealed to them during the meditation and how to go forward and be productive with that information.

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Approchable Asana

Laura Kustaborder

Laura Kustaborder

Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner

Laura Kustaborder (she/her) is a hoolistic health and wellness practitioner and seasoned physician assistant with expertise in trauma, burnout, stress and neuroscience. Through her venture, Approchable Asana, she uses energy work, mindfulness smbodied movement and breathwork to cocreate space that facilitate healing, alleviate stress, foster self-connection and inspire intentional living.
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Chakra Workshops





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