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Pittsburgh’s Women’s Wellness Drum Circle

January 28 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Discover the Healing Power of Pittsburgh’s Women’s Wellness Drum Circle:

Ladies, mark your calendars for a transformative experience! On Sunday, 1/28, immerse yourself in the magic of rhythm at our Women’s Wellness Drum Circle hosted at Steel Goat Marketplace.
Promoting Connection and Wellness: Join this FREE community event dedicated to fostering health and wellness through the art of drumming and profound connection. In the heart of the drum circle, experience the therapeutic rhythm that aligns our energetic being – a journey into the soul’s “Zen Zone.”
Connecting Hearts and Hands: Our drum circle is a harmonious gathering where ears, hearts, and hands come together to explore the heartbeat of beautiful souls and their inner music. It’s more than just drumming; it’s a celebration of unity, community, and the healing power within each of us.
Bring Your Own Drum, Embrace the Sacred: Don’t worry if you don’t have a drum; we’ve got extra instruments to borrow. Yet, bringing your own drum adds a sacred touch to your experience. Feel the resonance of your heartbeat intertwined with the collective heartbeat of the circle.
No Musical Experience Required: Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a first-time drummer, our circle welcomes all levels of experience. Embrace the power of sound, and let the rhythm guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing.
Early Arrival for Local Treasures: Before the drumming begins, arrive early to explore local vendors and their handmade products at Steel Goat Marketplace. It’s a chance to support local businesses and enhance your overall magical experience.
Pittsburgh’s Women’s Wellness Drum Circle: Who are we? We’re a fierce femme community focused on women’s wellness, a traveling group based out of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Led by Drum Circle Leader Haley Jane, our mission is to provide a space for women to drum, share their gifts, and embark on a journey of healing.
 Your Heartbeat, Your Experience: No experience is necessary – all that’s required is your heartbeat. Join us as we align, heal, and activate with the beat of the drum. Feel the collective energy as we drum up healing and connect with the community.
 Event Details:  Date: Sunday, 1/28  Time: 2-4PM
 Location: Steel Goat Marketplace (Building in the back down below)
 Event Always Free, Donations Welcome: While the event is always free, your support through donations towards the group or our host, Steel Goat, is greatly appreciated.
 Let’s Drum Up Some Healing: Can’t wait to see you there for an enriching experience of drumming, connection, and community! 

🌌 Meet Haley Jane:


Drum Circle Leader

✨ Quantum Human Design Specialist: Unveiling the mysteries of individual design for transformative insights.

🎵 Sound Healing Practitioner: Harnessing the power of sound to guide the soul on a journey of healing and elevation.

🌙 Moonologist: Navigating the mystical phases of the moon for intuitive wisdom and divine connection.

🌈 EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique): Tapping into the energy meridians for emotional release and empowerment.

🙌 Reiki Practitioner: Channeling universal life force energy for holistic healing and balance.

🌌 Light Language Channel: Communicating with the language of the soul and higher realms.

⚡ Astrologist: Decoding the celestial blueprint for insights into the cosmic dance of the stars.

🔮 Intuitive Healer: Bridging the spiritual and material realms for profound healing experiences.

🌠 Empath: Sensing and understanding the emotions and energies of others with depth and compassion.

🔍 Psychic/Clairvoyant: Tapping into the unseen realms for intuitive guidance and foresight.

🛤️ Energy Navigator: Guiding individuals through the intricate paths of their energetic landscape.

🚀 Quantum Business Builder: Merging intuitive wisdom with practical strategies for conscious and successful ventures. With a profound ability to feel, receive, and download solutions, creativity, and healing sounds, Haley Jane is a conduit for galactic guidance.

Having mastered the art of manifestation through diligent study, experimentation, and consistent energy work, Haley declares, “I MANIFEST WITH MAGIC!” Join her under the cosmic dance of the New Moon for an evening of soulful connection, transformation, and manifestation. 🌙


Steel Goat Market
200 Jefferson Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235 United States
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